3rd party developers for Mod 2 & III & IV
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Alfonso D'Amora

Clk Div 1

Same functionality as the M2 module, but with only one output instead of 2, and only 1 unit deep. Download from PlanetZ.
Cycle Time
Outputs freq. values to feed LFO's, Osc's, FleXor Ramps or external Freq. input, by setting the time value of the single wave cycle in seconds. Download from PlanetZ.
Exactly the same functionality as the M2 module, only 1 unit deep. Downloaded from PlanetZ.
M4 is a midi merger, allowing you to merge four seperate midi inputs into one. Download from PlanetZ.
Midi Router
Takes an incoming Midi input and sends the output to 4 midi channels of your choice. Download from PlanetZ.
Use this module to send messages to (eg) the MDS8 sequencer to control the length of notes being output. Download from PlanetZ. Download a Sequencer patch which uses the Module from PlanetZ.
Stereo Switch 2 to 1
Switch between two pairs of stereo inputs. Download from PlanetZ.
A highly useful module, used to emulate the Unison effect found on many synths. You can set the number of voices played simultaneously by your patch to between 1 and 6. Not a true Unison module (it doesn't increase the number of voices of the patch) but uses the fact that midi notes are always played sequentially to trigger multiple notes very soon after each other. More info and download from PlanetZ. Download a standalone version of the module here.



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