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8x8 Matrix
This is a 8x8 router which allows a variable amount of any of 8 incoming signals to be sent to any of 8 outputs.

Download here.

Analog Drum8
An 8 part drum machine with preset lists, an LED for checking which part is producing noise. Clicking on any of the 8 drum sound buttons brings up a control surface with which you can make changes to the drum sound, as below:

It works well with the ďMDS8 to channel changer moduleĒ (see below).

Download here.

Asio embedded

ASIO driver with 8 ins 8 out for the modular. (You must delete ASIO modules from project window before loading). With this module you can leave the modular inputs free for other devices.

Download here.

Clav* Osc
Based on a similar module in the Clavia NordLead3, this is a very versatile multi oscillator module.

Download here.

DX Router
This module incorporates the 32 algorithms of the Yamaha DX. Read more about it here but download the latest version here. megerov has posted a patch which uses the module here.

Fx Config

A simple effect order changer. Connect 3 fx units (all inís and outputs). Then audio in - audio out and simply drag the text field to order the effects in different configurations like 1+2+3, 2+3+1, 1 through 2+3 etc. There are 19 configurations.

Download here.

Key number to program change

Send program changes easily with your keyboard. Root note is 60. (in combination with module 'MDS8 to drum map' it can send program changes from mds8...experiment).

Download here.

Key to Midi Splitter

This module takes a midi in signal and spreads the midi note according to note value (36-51) to channels 1-16. Itís nice to use a single part in your sequencer and drive several synthesizers (in a drum pattern way).

Download here.

MDS8 to drum map

It transposes the connected midi signals to a drum map way. Use it to drive samplers, drum machines etc. with mds8. (or 2 mds8!).

Download here.

MDS8 to channel changer

This module has 16 midi inputs and 1 midi output. Each one will transform the channel and will output to a channel between 1 to 16 according the selected input. you can use the module to use mds8 as a sequencer for hardware synths, VSTís, modulars, analog drum8.

Download here.

Midi outputs embedded

It provides Midi output 1 and sequencer dest 1 from within modular. Please delete pulsar midi output and sequencer dest 1 from project window before loading the module. (Will only work with pulsar 2 systems - or those with pulsar 2 in the configuration).

Download here.

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