Version 1 LFOs


The simplest LFO is the Sine LFO. This uses the least DSP and is useful for pure cyclical modulation. The Triangle LFO outputs a triangle wave and has a few more controls. Following that you'll find the Multi LFO's which allow you to choose from a number of wave shapes (like the Multi Oscillators) and which have a varying number of controls. Following these is the Mod Wheel LFO, which is another Multi LFO which can be used to imitate a mod wheel such as you'd find on a keyboard. 


Sine LFO (1.3%)

The simplest LFO, outputs a pure Sine wave at a specified rate of oscillation, and at a specified level.

Triangle LFO (1.4%)

Outputs a triangle wave. You are able to specify the Initial phase of the wave (ie, where in the cycle it starts) the delay time (how long after the Gate On is received does the LFO attack begin) and an attack rate. You can use the retrigger input to retrigger the LFO when a gate signal is received. The Off switch disables retriggering.

Multi LFO (3%)

Allows you to choose from a number of waveforms and allows you to set the LFO speed from an external source, or from the internal Rate setting. The frequency of the wave is determined by Frequency in from an Midi Clock module. Has an DAR envelope, and can be retriggered by a gate signal.

Multi LFO b (2.6%)

As above, but without the envelope settings.

Multi LFO M1 (3.4%)

As the Multi LFO above, but the rate of the LFO can also be modified by an incoming signal, and the level of modification set by the Rate Mod Wheel.

Multi LFO Fast M1 (3%)

As above, but with a much higher maximum LFO speed  (0-400 hz, as opposed to 0-50 hz for the other LFO'S)

Mod Wheel LFO

Another Multi LFO,  which can output both an LFO and a Frequency. Use it to emulate the Mod wheel on a keyboard, ideal for use as a vibrato control. It's functionally very similar to the other Multi LFO modules, but the 'wheel' is 'hardwired' to be controlled by cc#1, and uses slightly less DSP.


Here's an example of an LFO modulating the panning of a patch. It's the Ambient 1 preset from the Leida_PPG patch (a version 2 patch, but the effect is the same.) You can hear the sound change dramatically as I alter the speed of the LFO. The Rate of the LFO is constant to start with, and you can hear the LFO panning effect fairly constantly - then I speed the LFO up....

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