Version 1 Mix and Level modules


Percentages shown indicate the percentages of a single Sharc chip used by the module. Taken from the PlanetZ DSP usage charts.


6dB Gain (0.7%)

The Gain modules are used to boost (or attenuate) the level of the signal. The light blue dot represents a gain of 0dB and below that the output can go all the way down to zero. A 6 dB gain represents a doubling in signal level.
12 dB Gain (0.7%)

As above, but a 12 dB gain (up to 4x signal level).
4-Input Mixer (1.3%)

Mix the signals from up to four different sources. The gain of each input can be adjusted, as can the overall gain of the output.
Attenuator (0.7%)

Used to reduce the level of a signal - adjusts the output level from a minimum level of zero to a maximum of the same level as the input.
VCA (0.7%)

An attenuator whose level is controlled not by a slider (like the above) but by an external signal (hence Voltage Controlled). Its Modulation input takes input from a UniPolar source such as the Unipolar ADSR or Unipolar Multisegment envelopes.
Mixes two input signals to a single audio output. The signal ratio can be adjusted manually, or by using a modulation source. Found in the Effects section but could just as well be put in the Mix and Level section.

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