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John Bowen is an internationally respected synth designer, and has been involved in development of and for the Scope platform since its inception in 1998, being heavily involved in the design of the first version of the Creamware modular synth. John's credits are too numerous to mention here, but you can read about his full career here.

The RD Module Series II contains 73 modules which can be used not only with Mod 2 or Mod III, but also with any of the Zarg 'semi-modular' synths, such as Red Dwarf EX, Rotor 48 RD, Rotor Jr., Dark Star rev3.0, and Solaris. There's more information and a full list of modules available here.

RD OSC Insert

This is a dual oscillator module, allowing for the insertion of any Red Dwarf Oscillator module into either slot. Oscillators can be loaded by drag and drop or by choosing from an extensive list, like this:

Once loaded, the oscillators surface can be accessed by double clicking on the oscillator slot:

These modules are also compatible with the Spacef BlackBox modules mentioned above.

RD Insert
As above, but for one of the many filter modules provided with the Red Dwarf package.  
Proph@t Plus Modular
Modular version of the Proph@t Plus synth. More details on the Zarg website..
Pro-Wave Modular
Modular version of the Pro-Wave synth. More details on the Zarg website..

Additionally, John Bowen of Zarg Music has released the following free modules:

Self Multiplier
Multiplies an envelope by itself in order to produce a snappier attack time. Download from PlanetZ.
2x1 bypass switch
Switch between two different inputs. Free download from PlanetZ.
2x1 momentary bypass switch
As above, but the switch is 'momentary' wheras the first 'holds' when you click it. Free download from PlanetZ
1x2 bypass switch
Switch one input between two different outputs. Free download from PlanetZ
1x2 momentary bypass switch
As above, but momentary version. Free download from PlanetZ

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