Here's a full list of the version 2 Modular Patches I've been able to locate:

If the name of the patch is hyperlinked, then there's more information available on a separate page. For each of these patches I'd like to provide a description of how the patch works, a picture of the patch, a signal flow diagram, some presets and audio examples. The signal flow diagrams can be very useful in untangling the complexity of some synths.


Name Author Available Description
3 Band Processor Alfonso d'Amora PlanetZ Splits a signal into 3 frequencies for processing.
3BPFs Sequenced Creamware CWPatchPage 3 saw OSCs running through 3BPFs each modulated by astep sequencer.
3OSC Synth Creamware CWPatchPage Analog synth with 3 OSCs filtered by a 24dB Lowpass Rfilter.
4 Band Matrix Modulator Atomic PlanetZ 4 Band Matrix Modulator!
4 Sample Gater Alfonso D'amora PlanetZ As below but with much added functionality
4 Sample Looper Alfonso D'amora PlanetZ Play samples at any loop length you like.


Name Author Available Description
Ad Libitum Creamware CWPatchPage A patch playing funny jazz!
AK47 Drumbox Spirit PlanetZ A four-voice drum machine with stepsequencer and BPM-synced delays.
Ambitosphere ChrisWerner PlanetZ Ambient Construction kit.
Ambitosphere-Drums ChrisWerner PlanetZ Standalone portion ofAmbitosphere
Ambitosphere-Noise ChrisWerner PlanetZ Standalone portion ofAmbitosphere
Ambitosphere-SeqA ChrisWerner PlanetZ Standalone portion ofAmbitosphere
Ambitosphere-SeqB ChrisWerner PlanetZ Standalone portion ofAmbitosphere
Amp Mod Synth Creamware CWPatchPage 2 OSCs, each amplitude modulated, runnning through a24dB Lowpass Filter.12
Amwald Alfonso d'Amora PlanetZ Waldorf Oscillator modulated by MultiOscillator.
Analog Drum Kit Creamware CWPatchPage Analog drums with BD, SD, Lo/Mid/Hi Tom and closed/halfopen/open HH.
Analog Drum Machine ? ? I don't know where I got this one !
AndreasLeadBeta Andreas-Lagoona PlanetZ A temposync'ed 2osc lead synth in stereo.
Another world Alfonso D'Amora CWPatchPage Derived from the "Vowel Gater" withoscillators that can be played with fixed or key-dependent freqs, fortuned or untuned lines.
Artichoke Ensamble Michu PlanetZ Plucks, water sounds, and other ambient sounds.
Atari Empire Michu PlanetZ Emulation of old 8bit data tapes
Auto Phrase Creamware CWPatchPage A patch playing solo phrases.
AzzHatz Alfonso D'Amora PlanetZ A percussive machine. Generate rolls withyour mod wheel!


Name Author Available Description
Basic FM with Filter Creamware CWPatchPage 2 operator FM filtered by a 24dB Lowpass filter.
Bass Micro Synth Alien PlanetZ Bass synth based on an Article in Keyboard magazine.
Bass Trancer Quifster PlanetZ Pattern based bass synth
Bell Maker Creamware CWPatchPage Bell tones using Additive synthesis.
The Blasta Beast hawks PlanetZ Stereo audio processor, designed for drumtrack mangling.
Blues 4 Fun Creamware CWPatchPage Blues combo with solo sound to play along.
BPF Flutes Creamware CWPatchPage A flute sound using noise and filters.


Name Author Available Description
Chaotic Signals Creamware CWPatchPage Various FX sounds.
Chiff Harp Creamware CWPatchPage Harp Emulator.
Chord Breaker two Creamware CWPatchPage A variation of the Chord Breaker patch.
Chord Breaker Creamware CWPatchPage A patch using sequencers, filters, etc. for gatingchords.
Claps Creamware CWPatchPage A classic clap sound.
Clubbing Patch Creamware CWPatchPage A patch playing electonic beats.
Comb_809 Arikama PlanetZ Simple Drumsound module.
Computronic Creamware CWPatchPage An ambient pad.
Creamware Creamware CWPatchPage Does what it says on the box! 
Crazy Sync Creamware CWPatchPage Two sync OSCs with an amplitude modulator, modulated bya LFO.


Name Author Available Description
Dark Motions Creamware CWPatchPage Generative Ambient patch. Used in the first online tutorial.
Def 3000 DeFex PlanetZ Patchbased on 2waldorf oscillators, a tube resonator and an FM operator,with cross-fades between the oscillators controlled by EGs and a bassbypass.
Delay Madness Michu PlanetZ single waldorf osc feeding 4 delays...
Detyuun Leper PlanetZ Analogish synth patch.
dis+taste v.1 castol PlanetZ 3 Osc synth using samples from a Sidstation.
dis+tastev.1.1 castol PlanetZ Updated version of above.
DISCORDANT FX Yishay Hamami CWUserpage 5 sections included: smart chopper, smart filter,discord fx, talking distortion , control section.
DISCORD beats Yishay Hamami CWUserPage 2 wave table osc, 1 drum osc, 1 hh source, 5 env, 4filters. Several different loop styles - very easy to make newgrooves, just by switching gate seq'.
DISCORD pack 4 Yishay Hamami CWUserPage 4 freq' osc, 1 noise generator, 2 LFO, 2 env, 4filters. Most recommended for massive electronic music.
DISCORD pack 3 Yishay Hamami CWUserPage This patch contains amusing synth bass in differentmodes and also some raucous tunes.
DISCORD pack 2 Yishay Hamami CWUserPage 3 freq' osc, 3 env, 3 LFO, 3 filters.
Disstorter Michu PlanetZ VA synth with one uknow oscillator and 2filters.
Distorted Reality Creamware CWPatchPage All kind of distorted sounds, especially bass lines andsweeps.
DogPound Spirit PlanetZ Analog-style drum machine.
DoubleUknow Creamware CWPatchPage Uses two Uknow OSCs and a 24dBLowpass Filter
Drum Exclusive Maket PlanetZ Sample based Drum Sequencer
Drum Replacer Alfonso D'Amora PlanetZ Replace the drums from sample loops or other sources with Modular drum sounds.
Drumtrigger Thalamus PlanetZ Mod II version of his ModIIIDrumtrigger patch
Drum+Bass+Chords Creamware CWPatchPage Various beats with a rhythmic chord sound ready to play along.
DSp Matrix DSp CWUserPage

Winner of the Creamware Modularpatch competition!

A virtual analog synth with two oscillators,a sine-oscillator, two LFO's, two different filters in series with adistortion and a big modulation matrix. It also provides twoaudio-inputs, one for mixing and one for modulation. you can modulate everything with everything.

DSp Multiband Panner DSp CWUserPage Automatic panning in three different frequency-bands,produces wide stereo from mono-sources. The LFO's for panning can beclocked by midi. 
DSp Stepsynt DSp CWUserPage A synth for rhythmical gater-like effects, simpler than the SB404 but polyphonic.
DSp TalkingHH DSp CWUserPage This is an attempt of making a talking percussiondevice with the hi-hat-oscillator and the vocal-filter, it doesn'ttalk but produces some very special noises!
Dub Delay Algorhythm PlanetZ Simple dubby delay w. filter.


Name Author Available Description
E_Pianos Creamware CWPatchPage FM Electric Pianos.
eecho Michu PlanetZ Dub Style Delay
Easy Saws Creamware CWPatchPage Two morphing saws.
Echo Chords Creamware CWPatchPage All kind of chords, ready for dance music.
electrolux Michu PlanetZ Synth
Electronic Humblebees Creamware CWPatchPage Buzzing generative patch.
Envelopesblow Michu PlanetZ  
Eriks 2osc SampleSynth Erik deVries PlanetZ Simplesynth with 2 Sample Oscillators.
Eschatron Paul E. Showering CWUserPage Three ADSR's, two spectral oscillators and a tuberesonator give some other-worldly and apocalyptic sounds.
Expressor Alfonso D'Amora PlanetZ Envelope follower patch.
EZ Filter Topaz PlanetZ Simple Stereo multimode filter.


Name Author Available Description
Fairlight Nostalgia Alien PlanetZ Fairlight samples through Multimode filter and effects.
Filter Percussion Creamware CWPatchPage Uses an EG & an envelope to producepercussive noises. Used in second online tutorial.
Filter Queen marcuspocus PlanetZ Emulation of Electrix FilterQueen unit.
FM Feedback Fun (FMdback) Michu PlanetZ Monophonic patch exploring some possibilities of FM feeback modulation.
FM Modulation Monster bosone PlanetZ Enhancement to FM Modulator delights, with large modulation matrix added.
FM Modulator delights bosone PlanetZ FM synth with 3 FM operator and one analog multiosc.
FM plus Creamware CWPatchPage Two fm operators running through a filter and a VCA.
From long ago Eliam PlanetZ January 2003 Song contest entrant
Future FM Creamware CWPatchPage A spectral OSC modulating a FM Operator.


Name Author Available Description
GM Drum Seq Alfonso D'Amora PlanetZ Drum Seq with j9k's Drum Seq module.
Gorgeous Organ Creamware CWPatchPage An organ with Leslie and distortion.
Guitar Amp 1 Thalamus PlanetZ Guitar Amp with Chorus & Delay.
Guitar Synth Creamware CWPatchPage 2 Tube Resonators modeling various string sounds.


Name Author Available Description
Hip Hop Bass Creamware CWPatchPage A deep sine bass
Heavy Machinery Alfonso D'Amora CWUserPage Simple but effective Additive Synth.
Hybrid ? ? ?
Hybrido Monty Website CWUserPage FM with spectral OSC and combfilter.


Name Author Available Description
Impressor maket PlanetZ Limiter-Compressor-Filter effect.
Impulse Michu PlanetZ Emulation of ARP Oscillators
Industrial Loops Creamware CWPatchPage Industrial Loops triggered from keys.
Insane Drums Kensuguro PlanetZ Pitched Drums using Sample Osc.


Name Author Available Description
Jaded800 Ben Walker Downloads Recreation of Roland JD800.
Jaded400 Ben Walker Downloads Low DSP version of above.
Jet Maket PlanetZ An SFX patch


Name Author Available Description
Knight Rider Creamware CWPatchPage Play along with your favourite TV theme tune.
Knight Rider Big Creamware CWPatchPage Variation on above
KS-8080 Kensuguro PlanetZ Roland JP-8080 emulator. Also available for MIII.
KS-8080 FM Kensuguro PlanetZ An FM version of the above Roland JP-8080 emulator.


Name Author Available Description
Landscape Maket PlanetZ Pad patch for 'Sonor' sounds.
Laser Gun Creamware CWPatchPage Futuristic FX sounds
Leida_ARP Leida CWUserPage A step sequencer like a kind of little SB404 with aWaldorf Osc.
Leida_PPG Leida CWUserPage Another two Waldorf osc synth, specially designed forpads.
'leida_ppg[*pd*t*d}' castol PlanetZ Reworking of the Leida PPG patch (below).
Leida_PULSY_CAT Leida CWUserPage A single Waldorf osc synth, near the idea of the PePerGhost.
LFOToMidi At0mic PlanetZ Generate a CC signal from an LFO.
Lo Fi B-Box Algorhythm PlanetZ Beat box combining Drum/Perc Oscs andsample players.


Name Author Available Description
Macrowave Arikama PlanetZ Waldorf based patch.
MachoMan kensuguro PlanetZ Mono MultiComp for killing your drumtracks
Magisch Erotisch Multilingual PlanetZ Allows for non-chromatic tuning.
Massivo Monty Website CWUserPage A large multi OSC and filter patch.
MDBox maket PlanetZ Drum Box.
MDS Alfonso D'Amora PlanetZ Use this to control external Drum synths/kits.
Med-stereo-inserts-modular2 SpaceF PlanetZ Simple mixer channel.
MedtempoDelay SpaceF Simple Tempo based delay
Midichord Alfonso D'Amora PlanetZ Outputs 4 different midi chordal voicings from 4 different keyboardoctaves
Midi Extractor Alfonso D'Amora PlanetZ Outputs cc messages based on incoming note, velocity, aftertouch and freq signals.
Mighty Mod Creamware CWPatchPage Motion sounds made with two filters and LFOs thatmodulate the filters and each other.
Mighty Synth Creamware CWPatchPage A synth with four OSCs producing fat sounds.
Mini Python Paul van der Valk. CWUserPage Little brother of Python patch.
Modulacoder kensuguro PlanetZ 20 band vocoder.
Modulasinger kensuguro PlanetZ 12 band vocoder.
ModularDeEsser MCCYRANO PlanetZ A De-Esser
Modular Pattern Delay Bosone PlanetZ 7 delays synced to tempo
Monoloop Robert Finzi CWUserPage A simple two oscillator monosynth, that's good for basssounds and strange loops.
MonophonicAstronaut v2 Ben Walker Website PlanetZ Recreation of Stephen Hummel's version 1patch in version 2.
Montilay monty PlanetZ Tempo based delay with Uknow filter &distortion.
Montybass2 Monty Website PlanetZ FM & Subtractive Bass Synth - The first v2 patch on PlanetZ !
Montywahwah Monty Website CWUserPage Stereo wah wah with lowpass filter, env follower andlfo
Mouthilyzer Monty Website CWUserPage Variation of the Montywahwah patch with a vocal filterinstead of a lowpass filter.
Morpheus stw PlanetZ Morphing patch using Waldorf Oscillator.
Morphing Group michu PlanetZ Allows controlling up to 8 knobs/sliders on other device with 1 controller
Morph Pulse Creamware CWPatchPage Standard synth sounds made with morphing pulse OSCs.
MultiTap Lee B. Zerose CWUserPage Simple Multi-tap delay.
Mysteria Creamware CWPatchPage A pad sound with mystic noises.
Mystic Journey2 Rod Burgess CWUserPage 4 oscillators and a flanger. Many presets have amystic/medieval theme.


Name Author Available Description
Noise and Spectral Creamware CWPatchPage Tuned noise together with a spectral OSC
Noisy DX Creamware CWPatchPage 4 operator FM emulating a DX.
Noisy Synth Creamware CWPatchPage Noisy lead and FX sounds using noise and a combfilter.
Noisy Uknow Creamware CWPatchPage Classic analog synth.
Nova Patch fra77x PlanetZ Pseudo Nova Emulation.


Name Author Available Description
Organs Creamware CWPatchPage A collection of organ sounds.
Osiris Alfonso D'Amora PlanetZ Uses Ring Mod and Tube Oscillator forpowerful variety of tones. 


Name Author Available Description
Pads kensuguro PlanetZ Pad synth used in Jan 2003 Song competition entry
Pad Machine Creamware CWPatchPage Spheric motion pads.
Pan Flute Creamware CWPatchPage Pan flute emulation.
PANgalactic DeFex CWUserPage Synth with an unusual oscilator > filter routingmodulation.
Partials Sample Pool Creamware v2.04a Patch based on the partials Sample Pool.
Peak Gater Creamware CWPatchPage A gate that opens on signal peaks.
PhantaZia Arikama PlanetZ 2 OP FM synth which also uses a MultiOsc for FM Synth pads.
Phonema Alfonso D'Amora PlanetZ Sample based synth, using samples taken from a Computer voice synthesizer.
Phrazer Alfonso D'Amora PlanetZ Polyphonic synth that applies patterns written in the pitch seq. module to notes and chords.
Pipe Organs Creamware CWPatchPage Various pipe organ sounds with faked reverb.
Planet Crooklyn Hawks PlanetZ 2 part stereo processor.
Playin' the Pool Ben Walker Modular Corner Silly FX patch, used to demonstrate use of the SamplePool module.
poabf(conv) castol PlanetZ Mod2 'remake' of Stephen Hummel's Mod1'personality of a blue fish'
Popsmachine Cleas Johnson CWUserPage Pops!
Predator Robert Finzi CWUserPage Triple oscillator and noise polysynth with a small butexpressive modulation matrix - 100 presets included.
Pro-Teic Alfonso D'Amora CWPatchPage Based on the Pro-One, but with greater modulation possibilities.
Python Paul van der Valk. CWUserPage Versatile dual fm-tube patch - plucked string, tube,fm, am, feedback, fuzz. Big brother of the Mini-Python patch.


Name Author Available Description
Quiet Coffee Recreation attempt RX PlanetZ Attempt to recreate the patch QuietCoffee from Arturia Moog Modular


Name Author Available Description
Random Bell Maker Creamware CWPatchPage Random bell sounds - a variation on the BellMaker patch.
Random Value Offset Change Castol PlanetZ An example of using S & H modules to produce differing random values.
Record Noise Lee B. Zerose CWUserPage Emulates the noise of vinyl!
Reincarnator Maket PlanetZ Synth for dark sci-fi themes
Reso Saw Creamware CWPatchPage A resonant saw sound made through use of sync and ringmodulation.
Robotronix DeFex PlanetZ A voice synthesizer, with weird sequenced filter sounds.


Name Author Available Description
Saw8[defex] DeFex PlanetZ Lite version of the below patch.
Saw16[defex] DeFex PlanetZ 16 saw oscilators through a vocal andstandard filter. oscilators can be detuned and/or modulated with 2LFOs. each filter and the output have a seperate envelopem and canalso be modulated with the LFO's. A Phat sound!
Saw Pulse Sample Pool Creamware v2.04a Patch based on the Saw Pulse Sample Pool.
Schulzator Creamware CWPatchPage Single Oscillator patch, with massive modulationpossibilities.
Sequence-A-Mix At0mic PlanetZ Use this patch to automate your SFP mixer, or any other device....
Simple Step Synth v2 Tomas PlanetZ Simple Step Synth!
sine_space Castol PlanetZ 8 Oscillator additive synth.
Single Motion. Creamware Tutorial1 Used in online tutorial 1 - for generative music.
SmplMnglr v8_31 Robin Chard CWUserPage Sample Mangler! Lots of modulation possibilities. 2 x2 sampleosc -> vocal and multi filter.
Small Additive Synth Creamware CWPatchPage Additive bell and pad sounds using 8 sine OSCs.
Sonic Fm Creamware CWPatchPage Motion pads using a fm operator that is fed by two OSCsrunning through a xfade modulator.
SOS Brass Robin Chard PlanetZ Brass emulator, based on May 2001's SynthSecrets article in 'SoundOn Sound'.
Space Battle Creamware CWPatchPage Auto signal generator.
Space Cadet Rod Burgess CWUserPage Simple 3 Osc patch with Noise, Pitch Mod& Delay
Spectral Synth Creamware CWPatchPage 2 spectral OSCs, a multi OSC, filter and LFOs producingrich motion sounds.
Split Mixer Atomic PlanetZ. 8*8 Matrix Mixer
Standard Sample Pool Creamware v2.04a Patch based on the Standard Sample Pool.
Step by Step Creamware CWPatchPage A synth with various sequencers clocked by key stroke.
Stepped Fantasies Creamware CWPatchPage A pad sound with arpeggio like filter modulations.
Stepped LFO Synth Creamware CWPatchPage Melodic FX Sounds, using a quantized LFO.
Stereo 4-way Frequency splitter inc. VU JoeKa PlanetZ Audio procesor - splits  the signalinto 4 different frequency bands for individual processing.
Stereo Compressor Michu PlanetZ Opto-style compressor
Stereo Filter Synth Creamware CWPatchPage A synth producing a stereo image in sound through useof filters.
Stereo Pads Creamware CWPatchPage Pads spread into stereo through use of delay and chorus.
Sweet Syncer Creamware CWPatchPage A patch with synced lead and motion sounds.
Stereo Tremolo Lee B. Zerose CWUserPage Tremolo effect
Strange Drums kensuguro PlanetZ Drum synth used in Jan 2003 Song competition entry
Synth Choirs Creamware CWPatchPage Steamy pads using a vocal filter and a tube resonator.
Synth Guitar Alfonso D'Amora PlanetZ Play the patch with your guitar or anymono audio signal.
S-Witch Alfonso D'Amora PlanetZ Synth that uses two multi lfo's as oscillators


Name Author Available Description
Talking Saw Creamware CWPatchPage A saw OSC running through a vocal filter.
TB-patch Yishay Hamami CWUserPage Hello, this patch provide for scream TB addicted. wideharmonic TB sound, contains only 2 osc. Have fun !
Techno Loops Creamware CWPatchPage Generates Loops from single key presses.
TempoChilly FreiFlug PlanetZ Sequenced Drums and synth patterns, usingSample pool.
Tempo FX Machine Algorhythm PlanetZ A versatile Midi Synced FX unit
Thunder Creamware CWPatchPage Guess what this does?
Timebomb Creamware CWPatchPage A generative patch - the impression of a runningtime-bomb.
Trempanringphaz Lee B.Zerose CWUserPage An aux fx that either can do tremolo, pan,ring-modulation, phasing or all together.
trywheadphone j9k PlanetZ PsychoAcoustic trickery - try it with and without headphones.
Tuner Alfonso D'amora PlanetZ Tune guitars, etc, using user definedscales.
Two Spectral Osc Creamware CWPatchPage Pad and synth sounds made by two spectral OSCs.


Name Author Available Description
Ubic fra77x PlanetZ An analog synth with 3multi osc, one Waldorf oscillator /4env /3lfo / mod matrix.


Name Author Available Description
Vectra Castol PlanetZ A 4 multi oscillator vector synthesizingpatch with the capability for simple fm of two oscillators andoscillator sync of the adjacent 2 oscillators."
Venus Spirit PlanetZ Standard analog synth configuration which produces some nice thick pads, unison-style bass, and thick leads.
Vintage Bass Synth Alien PlanetZ Bass synth based on an Article in Keyboard magazine.
Vintage String Ensemble Alien PlanetZ Emulation of Classic string machines such as ARP Solina & Moog Opus 3. Also available for Mod III.
Vocal Pad machine Chris Werner PlanetZ  Update to the CW factory patch.
Vocal Patch Creamware CWPatchPage Synth sounds with the vocal filter.
Vowel Gater Alfonso D'Amora CWUserPage Gate device, controlled by Midi note &controller data.
Vocoder Modulator patch Kensuguro PlanetZ Fixed formant synth for use with Vocoders.


Name Author Available Description
Waldi Patch Creamware CWPatchPage Two Waldorf OSCs and the 24 dBFilter.
Wave FM fra77x PlanetZ 2 Waldorf Oscillators - Extensivemodulation possibilities.
Wombler marcuspocus PlanetZ Well, it's a wombler, isn't it! Obvious really!


Name Author Available Description
YM251+ arikama PlanetZ 4 Operator FM synth
YM2151+ v2.0 arikama PlanetZ Updated version of above


Name Author Available Description
Zahnarztbohrer Creamware CWPatchPage Various FX.


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