Here's a full list of the version 3 Modular Patches released so far:

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Factory patches 

These are the patches which were made available by Creamware with the release of ModularIII. They can be downloaded from the Creamware Modular downloads page

Name Author Available Description
808 Groover Creamware M3 release 808 type drum machine
909 Groover Creamware M3 release 909 type drum machine
Addi-8 Creamware M3 release  
Airborne Creamware M3 release Virtual helicopter !
Alchemy Creamware M3 release  
Basic Vocoder Creamware M3 release Basic Vocoder patch
Bassliner Creamware M3 release  
Classic Filter Bank Creamware M3 release  
Double Face plus Creamware M3 release  
Fast Blue Creamware M3 release  
FM Basses Creamware M3 release  
FOF Sequenced Creamware M3 release  
FOF Synth Creamware M3 release  
Graintable Synth Creamware M3 release  
Grainway Creamware M3 release  
Granuliner2 Creamware M3 release  
Heavy Gauge Creamware M3 release  
Kaegi Synth Creamware M3 release  
Modular Monk Creamware M3 release  
Poly Wave Synth Creamware M3 release  
The Boxx Creamware M3 release Groove box
TripleWave Creamware M3 release  
Tubomatic Creamware M3 release  
Vectorama Creamware M3 release  
Wave Automat Creamware M3 release  
Wave Trip Creamware M3 release  

Total Factory patches 26

User patches



Name Author Available Description
Analog Tubes Shayne White PlanetZ 3 Oscillators feeding 3 Tube resonators
Audiotrigger at0mic PlanetZ Trigger drums with Audio signals
Automatic Space Generator Thalamus PlanetZ 3 Sync'ed oscillators for weird space sounds.


Name Author Available Description
Basic Andreas-Lagoona PlanetZ 2 Osc synth, good for bass sounds
Blackdust Guitar Amp Nikibuzz PlanetZ Guitar Amp


Name Author Available Description
Carmen Synth Nikibuzz PlanetZ Synth with lush pads
Codi Nikibuzz PlanetZ A simple synth with funky and pleasant sounds
Crumar DS-2 v1.2 erminardi PlanetZ Emulation of the Italian vintage (1978) synth - the Crumar DS-2.


Name Author Available Description
Drawbie one Gerard IBBA Creamware Drawbar organ
Drum-a -go-go Alfonso D'amora PlanetZ Drum replacer
Drumix Chris Werner PlanetZ Drum machine using 16 Drum Oscs


Name Author Available Description
Emulation of SPL Transient Designer  Thalamus PlanetZ Emulation of classic Psycho-Acoustic enhancement effect
Entropy megerov PlanetZ Synth


Name Author Available Description
Feedbactor megerov PlanetZ NordModular inspired delay feedback module
Filter Delay at0mic PlanetZ mono delay effect, with an LP filter in the feedback path.
FM (FM Classics MIII) megerov PlanetZ Recreation of MI FM patch in MIII
Fried Green Tomitas MIII scary808 PlanetZ An Additive synth using the wavetable oscillator.


Name Author Available Description
GeoMorph Alfonso PlanetZ Produces realistic and imaginary soundscapes
GranuLFOSynth Megerov PlanetZ 4 Sample Oscillators for breakbeat mayhem


Name Author Available Description
Hexasynth alfonso PlanetZ Six Voice Guitar Synth


Name Author Available Description
InHarmonic Megerov PlanetZ Crazy pitch shifting inharmonic sound synth


Name Author Available Description
Jarre Pad 6 megerov PlanetZ JM Jarre inspired synth, converted from Nord Modular patch
Juno 60 str MIII megerov PlanetZ Nord Modular inspired Juno 60 String patch


Name Author Available Description
KS-8080 Kensuguro PlanetZ Roland JP-8080 emulator. Also available for M2


Name Author Available Description
Mezon megerov PlanetZ Synth patch inspired by Nord modular patch
Micro Quasi Beta Chris Werner PlanetZ Emulation of Waldorf Q+
Midi Pitcher Roy Thinnes PlanetZ tune loops without changing the tempo.
Midi Rhythmers Alfonso PlanetZ Create Arpeggios and other patterns, especially for Guitar type synths
Modular III - VS Patch Robin Chard PlanetZ Vector Synth
Monomorph stw PlanetZ Poweful Monophonic synth
MonsterPAD Thalamus PlanetZ Pad Synth using waveosc.
MorpheusV2 stw PlanetZ MIII update of the M2 Morpheus patch. Samples of the patch can be found on the samples page.
Moodshifter Vincent Siliakus Creamware Mono three band frequency shifter. It's main purpose is to give drum or percussion loops a totally new feel or sound.
MSO 01 Ben Walker PlanetZ Old School Ambient Electronica


Name Author Available Description
Nebula megerov PlanetZ 'Little Crazy synth'
Neutron Morph Neutron PlanetZ Based on Prosoniq morph VST plugin
Nova opt Sfp2 fra77x PlanetZ Flexible 3 Osc synth with Modulation Matrix


Name Author Available Description
Partial Differences Stefan Klanke Creamware Synth patch based on the modulation oscillator which is modulated by 4 sineOsc partials smooth pads.
Psymod kensuguro PlanetZ Attempt at physical modelling using 'Karplus-Strong' techniques. Uses ModIII modules in Mod2 shell.


Name Author Available Description
Quad Dex Chris Werner PlanetZ Uses 4 sample Oscs for dynamic loop mixing
QuadPulse_II RX PlanetZ Synth made from 4 pulse oscillators
QuadWave Chris Werner PlanetZ 4 Wave oscillators, 2 wavetable oscillators and 2 Waldorf oscillators for sequenced sounds without a sequencer!


Name Author Available Description
Retriggering Chorus scary808 PlanetZ Groovy effects processor
Rhodes '73 Kensuguro PlanetZ Emulation of classic Electric Piano


Name Author Available Description
Saw Xtacy-1 Ganool PlanetZ Five saw-oscillator synth, good at producing fat leads.
Seq Quad Pad GŁnter Maier Creamware A pad-synthesizer with manifold modulations.
Shiwa Megerov PlanetZ A Phat Synth using vocoder matrix for random repatching.
Shruti Gerard IBBA Creamware A classical indian Tambura
Spectramod Megerov PlanetZ Spectral oscilator synth with pitch shifting modulation
Spectrum Synthesizer Andreas-Lagoona PlanetZ Spectrum synth
Strontium 90 Spirit PlanetZ Drum machine
sunSystem Hawks PlanetZ An effects processor designed for Drum Loops/tracks
Synculator Megerov PlanetZ Synth
Syngular FX Synth Megerov PlanetZ FX Synth


Name Author Available Description
Transient Designer Thalamus PlanetZ Emulation of classic psycho-acoustic enhancer
Three Filter Shayne White PlanetZ 2 pulse oscillators and 3 poly-filters - One powerful synth
Thunderstorm kensuguro PlanetZ Thunder emulation with extensive documentation


Name Author Available Description
Ultra Stereo Phaser Shayne White PlanetZ The ultimate phaser ! Uses 8 2-pole notch filters.


Name Author Available Description
Vectorlooper aMo PlanetZ Uses 4 SampleOSC to play loops, and a quadXfade controlled by seperate X/Y-LFO's to morph between them. Makes some crazy effects on drumloops!
Vector rotation j9k PlanetZ Uses uses sin/cos lfo to rotate a vector image
Vectromod ?? ?? Where did I get this?
Velocity Control megerov PlanetZ "This patch simulated velocity parameter for old synth "
Vintage String Ensamble Alien PlanetZ Vintage String synth. Also available for Mod2.
Vocoducker alfonso PlanetZ Vocoder with ducking action.


Name Author Available Description
Windy Bird Roy Thinnes PlanetZ Sound FX patch
Wave Chipper scary808 PlanetZ  


Name Author Available Description
Zen Alfonso D'amora PlanetZ Eastern meditative sounds

Total User patches 50


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