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A four-voice drum machine with step sequencer and BPM-synced delays.




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Notes from Spirit:

The AK47 Drumbox is a four-voice drum machine with step sequencer and bpm-synced delays. It easily makes unusual and tasty sounds in big rolling patterns. Its main features are:

I've added quite a few extra sounds to the drum synth modules and included about a dozen patterns. The patterns aren't meant to be the basis of your next song, they're more to show the range of sounds ! I specially like the track "a-bleeper".

For creating complex patterns learn to handle the BPM delays. Note that the frequency dividers allow separate rates for both left and right channels - using these you can easily build up some complex runs from simple main patterns. Check the JPEG to see which frequency modifiers vary which delays (the layout is fairly simple). As described in the ModV2 manual, the best speeds are 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 24, 8 and 96. I also find that 18 and 36 give good results.

Finally, the modulation of the comb filters gives the first two drum synth modules their distinctive sound. As you see in the accompanying JPEG, the LFO is connected to four modulation points - you can get some crazy sound with careful tweaking ! And don't forget that the LFO is controlled by its own frequency divider. By adjusting the frequency to the pattern in the sequencer you can simulate a very long pattern when only using 16 steps.

And credit to Arikama who with his simple Comb809 gave me the idea of replacing my trusty vintage lo pass filters with the comb filters. I also borrowed a few sounds off the modules and added them to the drum synth presets. The name (AK) is partly in recognition of his idea.


These are all samples of some of the presets provided with the patch.

a-bleeper 76 kb
a-industrial 132 kb
100 bpm 4 90 kb
a-130.bpm 68 kb

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