Dog Pound by Spirit


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A ModV2 analog-style drum machine device with six voices. I've included five starter kits and sequences. Good for dub, techno and cyberpunk, although I really made it so I could sample patterns as wavs for VST. 




DSP: 50% of six DSP's.
Samples: Below


Further notes from Spirit:

Dogpound by Spirit June 2001

This is a simple analog-style drum machine. I built it specifically to create short drum patterns which I then sample in Soundforge. I then drop the wav file into VST.

Each voice has an effect: four delays, one flanger, and one soft distortion. Each effect lies directly under module it enhances. I purposely didn't use tempo delays since I prefer a more natural swing. You can play the 6 voices starting at middle C on the keyboard and the next five white notes.

I hope you've also got both the JPEGS - especially if you're new to Pulsar. One shows the surface of the patch, the other shows the project. The project allows you to play the voices on a midi keyboard; punch it into the sequencer; play along with the sequencer, or sample into Soundforge without changing any other settings on your PC or on your amp. The project also has a 30-band analyser at the end of the chain. All up it uses about 50% of six DSPs.

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Additional notes from Ben:

The patch uses 2 Perc Osc modules and 4 Drum Synth modules to create the 6 voices of the drum machine. The MDS8 module is used to build the patterns, and the Pattern SEQ module is used to trigger playback of the patterns in the MDS8. However, the patch is not designed to be a true pattern sequencer, and so song mode in the Pattern SEQ module doesn't trigger a sequence of samples. This may be implemented in version 2.



Some of Spirit's presets, and some of my own.
Analog dog 147kb
Dog hop 101kb
Electro dog 56kb
Flange dog 179kb
Pound me 82kb

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