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Here is another simple patch but this time with 4 oscillators and a flanger. There are plenty of mystic/medieval sounds-great for a B grade movie score. Thanks to Ben Walker for his help and presets.

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DSP Usage:

Max 7 voices on a Pulsar 1 card

Signal Flow:



54 presets with patch

Samples: Coming soon

A simple 4 oscillator patch, which uses the Waldorf Oscillator to great effect. Use of the E-Sync adder allows the filter to be properly modulated by the second envelope.

The output of all four Oscillators is mixed in the Mix 4 module, and fed into a MultiMode Filter B, which has its frequency modulated by an ADSR B envelope generator.

Great for big Organ sounds - check out Bride, Requiem & Medieval for examples.

If you look at the signal flow diagram in comparison to that of Space Cadet, you can see how a few changes to this patches predecessor result in big changes to the possibilities within the patch. In particular the addition of the Waldorf Oscillator, the use of Esync adder to enable proper envelope modulation of the filter, and the increased use of the LFO to modulate other controls has made a big difference.

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