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Lezlie Organ with panning sound.



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DSP Usage:

V1:16 voices on  Pulsar 1 card with dynamixer

V2: 9 voices on Pulsar 1 card with dynamixer

Signal Flow:

V1        V2


V1                V2

Samples:  V1        V2

There have been two different versions of this patch, v1 & v2. Both are included here as they have different DSP usage and also a different set of presets.

Version 1

Paul's notes for the first version (v1.1) :

This is an organ patch for the pulsar modular. It uses a ring modulator morphing technique for a rich stereo leslie(ish) effect with low DSP usage. I get 16 voices on a stock pulsar, with a dynamixer and the usual ADAT/MIDI connections. Requires Obsidian's modular package.


How it works

Two sine oscillators are used for the primary audio source. They are typically slightly detuned, with or without interval. Both oscillators are fed through a ring modulator. The result is subtracted from one of the ring modulator inputs, theoretically keeping ONLY the ring mod difference frequency. This signal is morphed with the unmodified signal using an LFO which is shifted 180 degrees between the left and the right audio channel. The result is a fairly good Leslie alike effect. 

(BW adds: Check out the signal flow diagram - it's much easier to look at than the modular wiring!)


The Patches 

25 patches are included: - 

Slow 1..7 Slow rotor leslie organs in various tonal characters. - 

Fast 1..3 Fast rotor ones. - 

Fat 1..3 Heavier detuning in combination wait a matching rotor speed results in a more explicit chorus alike leslie effect. - 

Sync 1..4 The left/right LFO phase is removed, leaving a more explicit tonal morph against the cost of a flat stereo panorama. Typically used for solo parts. -

 Bell 1..3 Typical ringmod bells. - 

Fx 1..5 Odd ringmod morphing effects. 



TextModular gadgets by SpaceF ( are used to clarify several sections. 

The LESLIE CONTROL section controls the Leslie speed and depth. 

OUTPUT LEVEL is obvious. Adjust the level against the number of polyphonic voices here. 

OSCILLATORS is obvious. 

LESLIE ENGINE can be adjusted as follows: Set both modulation knobs to full for a stereo effect, or set one left for a 'sync' effect. This patch uses the obsidian difference module, which is part of the obsidian modular package available at


Ben adds:

One thing  to be aware of with this patch is that there were two versions of version1, the later one (on PlanetZ) having had two distortion modules added by another developer. This means if you load a preset which uses the distortion (eg Slow JSmith with distortion) and then going back to another preset which was created with the earlier version, the distortion will 'stick' and you need to reset the distortion by hand.


Samples (V1)

Fast 1 (70KB)

Slow J Smith (190 KB)

Slow 3 (110 kb)

Sync 4 (159 kb)


Version 2


Paul added these notes for the second version:

This patch implements a pretty good stereo panning Leslie organ. It is more advanced then the previous OrganicV1, but uses more DSP. About 9 voices can be obtained on a stock pulsar. This patch uses/requires SpaceFs ( text-modular module and Obsidians (wws.obsidianuk,com) modular package. 


Knob Functions

Rotor Speed & Depth Controls the leslie rotor speed and depth. These parameters are ideally linked to a midi controller like mod-wheel and controller A on a QS or something. 

Oscillators Keep these slightly detuned for a richer sound. Harmonic intervals (7, 12, 19, 24...) result in different sound scopes. 

Tone Morph Control Defines a morph-phase between the two oscillator sounds, and the rotor phase modulation depth. 

Rotor Pitch Mod Performs a Leslie synced vibrato on 1 oscillator, This is primary effective on higher rotor speeds, where it can add just that extra depth. Needs to be applied subtly. 

Counter Morph. Performs a L/R 180 degrees out of phase morph. The attenuator controls the depth. When set to full, and the counter morph phase & modulation match the regular morph settings, the patch is equal to OrganicV1. 

Stereo Control used primary as a stereo panner (with an additional input from the counter morph). Odd settings can result in tremoloish effects [preset 9: ambient] or different sounds in the left and right channel [preset 7: asym].

(BW adds - again, the signal flow diagram makes things much clearer - See how the OS invertor is used to invert the phase of one output from the sine LFO, so the modulation of Cross fades 3 & 4 are inverted in respect to each other.)


Samples (V2)

Prime  (143 kb)

Focus  (391 kb)

Octave (152 kb)

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