Playin' the Pool


Ben Walker

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Example of use of the Sample Pool module

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This very simple patch is simply designed to demonstrate the use of the Sample Pool module introduced in vII.


This module not only provides a handy way to group samples within a particular patch so that you can switch between them easily whilst developing presets, it will also allow users to swap patches which are sample based, without having to worry about making sure that the person they are swapping with has the same samples, in the same location. As the Sample pool is exported with the patch, you don't even have to export the pool. Just save the patch, and the samples come with it.


There are a number of pools which come with vII, and also a number of new presets which demonstrate its use.


This patch is no masterpiece - just a bit of fun to show how easy it is to swap sample-based presets with people. The presets are just a few funny effects.

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