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"May 2001 Sound On Sound has "Synth Secrets 25 - Brass Instruments". Here's a Modular 2 patch based on the flow diagram in the article."

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The 'Synth Secrets' articles by Gordon Reid in the April and May 2001 issues of Sound On Sound are called 'Synthesizing Wind Instruments' and are a detailed look at some techniques used to create realistic sounding woodwind and brass sounds. The final diagram in May's article is a patch diagram bringing  together all of the issues discussed in the article.


Robin has taken the patch diagram and attempted to recreate the patch using the Pulsar Modular II. The patch is indeed capable of some nice realistic brass and woodwind tones. The only difference, he says is: "the tremolo/swell, which I think I stayed more to what was described in the article than the compromise shown in the diagram."


He has also made excellent use of SpaceF's Modular Text box (download it here) from  to label the various parts of the patch clearly. Be aware, though, that if you use a different screen resolution from Robin, you may have to do a bit of editing of the text itself to make it all visible.


Sound On Sound have a policy of making all articles available to read on-line three months after publication, so if you didn't read the original article you will be able to read them on the SOS site in July-August 2001. Gordon Reid's excellent Synth Secrets series is highly recommended for all Modular users who wish to get into the depths of synth programming. You'll find links to all of the articles which are currently on line here.  The patch diagram from the article is 'reprinted' here, with permission.


One thing to be aware of when using the patch is that it uses the effect insert module. If you choose a preset and it doesn't make any sound, check whether the effect named in the Effect slot is actually loaded. You may have organised your effects in a different way from the patch maker, and thus your version of the modular may not be able to 'find' the effect. If this is the case, simply locate the effect manually and drop it into the slot. If you also copy the effect to the relevant (mono or stereo) 'Insert Effects' folder, it will show up in the context sensitive menu  for the effects slot.


I'll be recording some samples for the patch soon, and will post them here when they're done.

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