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Another of the new patches to come with the modular 2, this one is very handy for those moments when you find yourself without a keyboard as it doesn't require one.

Simply drop it into a project window, turn your speakers down, and connect it to a mixer or directly to an audio output.


I haven't had time to really analyze it and work out what's going on, but there's 2 FM Operators, 2 Random Signal generator's, 2 Sample & hold units, 2 Constant Freq modules, 2 Pitch Modifiers, 2 Multi LFO's a Pulse LFO and lots of other modules besides. I will 'take this module apart' one day, but this description will have to do for now. Suffice it to say that it's capable of producing all manner of weird and wonderful 'random' signals. 

There are only two stock presets which come with the Synth, so I've added a few more above so that you can get an idea of the different types of sounds this is capable of.

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