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This is my first go at a modular (2) patch. It is basically the first tutorial with 2 more oscillators ,a noise generator and a delay added.        

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Created by Rod Burgess, and based on one of the Modular 2 tutorial patches, this is a simple but very effective 3 oscillator patch, with added noise, delay and a Pitch modifier module controlled by an LFO.

There are three Oscillators - a Multi Osc, the Uknow Osc and the Morphing Pulse. The Pitch of all three of these is modified by the output of the Pitch modifier module, which is itself modulated by a Multi LFO.

The output of the three Oscillators and the Noise module is mixed in the Mix 4 module, and fed into a MultiMode Filter B, which has its frequency modulated by an ADSR B envelope generator.

The output of the filter goes into a Lin VCA amp, whose output is controlled by a vintage ADSR.

Finally the signal goes through a Poly Out and a stereo Tempo Delay.

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